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Is your organization presented well in Google?

Are your prospective customers and potential employees feeling underwhelmed by your digital presence – Website, Search Results, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor?

Our SEO(Search Engine Optimization), SEA(Search Engine Advertising), Digital Audit Services, and Website & Information Design Services can help you identify the gaps in your online presence, and fix them.


Is your website just an online visiting card?

It shouldn’t be. Not in 2023.

You will never get a chance to speak to the majority of your prospects who visit your website. This means that your website, blogs, case studies, and emails need to proactively address their needs and objections and convince them to buy.

Customer Lifecycle based Content Marketing is a great way of making this happen. We create content that will nudge your prospects to the next stage of the purchase journey.

Talk to us today to support your marketing and sales teams with a great content marketing machinery – owned and operated by us.


Is your Email Lead Nurturing system working?

Are you sitting on top a big email database, but is not really getting much ROI from your email marketing effort?

According to Marketo, companies that excel at email lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower cost.  But for it to be effective, it needs to be trusted, personalized, conversational, and strategically connected to your website and social content.

Our email marketing service can be tailored to work with your existing systems while also bringing in strategic thinking and content marketing ethos.


Automation is everywhere. Why not marketing too?

Lack of marketing automation processes and tools is often why many high potential sales teams under-perform.

Marketing automation can help you build lead pipelines which scale with your organization’s growth. It can help activate long lost leads from years ago, and pop them up back on your sales team’s radar. You may have decided not to explore marketing automation due to cost concerns, not being a priority, or you may not have realized the value it can add to your business.

If you want to explore this and get a sense of how much faster you can grow, do reach out to us for a call or meeting.

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Our Clients

Our clients include established businesses and funded startups, and we are choosy about who we work with.

Not all businesses will be in a position to benefit from our specialized skills, and we engage only if we can add substantial value to you.

Check out our client case studies, and schedule a call to explore whether our services can add value to you.

Client Testimonials

"We wanted to expand our reach in UAE. Markon promised a certain number of leads to be generated through Google Search ads, and they delivered well on the promise. "

DR Couriers, Dubai

"We worked with Markon for close to two years. They are very systematic with their thinking and execution of digital marketing. In 5 months, they revamped our website and made the top Google Search result for my category across India. "

Shoaib Mohammed,
Autograde International

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