A leading pre-school chain with footprint in India, Europe, and Africa had ambitions of growing fast by attracting franchise dealerships. They had tried lead acquisition via digital channels but had not succeeded in generating quality leads consistently. 

They approached Markon with an objective to rethink their strategy for digital outreach and to revamp their online campaigns. The deliverables expected by the client for this engagement was 100 enquiries per month, with 20% or more qualified leads.


Our initial ads would introduce the concept to the finely defined target audience. Audience was defined using age range, geographic locations (tier 1 & tier 2 cities), their life career stage, and interests. Once the audience was aware and had shown interest, they were then educated about the business opportunity, the risks, the ROI they could expect and common FAQs.

We used Facebook Display Advertising, Google Search Advertising, and Google Display Advertising to generate enquiries. Re-targeting was also used to qualify candidates better.


We generated 100+ leads per month from the second month of starting the campaign. Leads were pre-qualified using marketing methods, so that customers who came in had the investment capacity.

We also set up a CRM system and helped the sales team to adapt it to their workflow. We worked closely with the sales team to improve lead quality and make sure they have necessary information to pursue the leads for closure.