A sports experience company which was well established in the B2B segment now planned to move in to B2C as well. Their offerings are luxurious, curated sports experiences – such as playing tennis with Andy Murray, watching Wimbledon, packages to watch European football leagues, getting autographs from celebrities etc.  Their Sales team was primarily working through B2B channel. And they wanted to expand the reach in B2B and target B2C through digital marketing to scale the business.  Solution We proposed an overall marketing approach that spanned a six month period to figure out the ideal channels for them, and then focus on the effective ones. We invested our effort in SEO, Search Advertising, Facebook display ads, video ads, banner ads, email campaigns and content marketing. In major cities, there were already large number of people going on these sports experience these trips abroad. The company’s offering was a convenient solution to these travelers, if presented in a context where they are in the ‘awareness’ and ‘planning’ stages of these trips. We reached able to reach premium audiences who were planning sports related travel. Considering the ticket price of the product offering, focused targeting was the need of the hour, and we delivered it. Results We generated 200 qualified leads over a 3 month period from Facebook and Google advertisements. Our SEO work added trust and credibility to the company.