A major HR Services company in Bengaluru was looking for a strategic partner in marketing to grow leads and revenues for its main service – Performance Management. They needed a plan that would integrate their sales and marketing functions, and provide a systematic and steady flow of leads for the Sales team to pursue.

A user-friendly website was essential, lead management processes needed to be refined and re-engineered, and media planning needed to be done to find relevant B2B channels.


While developing the website, we designed marketing funnels to attract and guide their prospects, and we engaged the Sales and Business leaders in workshops to make sure that they align their objectives with that of Marketing. Our revamped approach also included defining customer personas, mapping customer journeys, lead management, lead scoring and routing processes.

To optimize the ad spending, we did pilot campaigns on Google Ads, LinkedIn for Business and Facebook for Business. We also leveraged the customer data from the company’s CRM to run personalized email campaigns. This helped in driving relevant people to the new website and landing pages.


Landing pages were already setup to receive this traffic and make sure they find a path through the website that is relevant for them. This significantly increased the readership of our thought leadership content, and the adaptive tactics improved the conversion rates – with above-benchmark response rates.

The number of organic visitors in the website increased by 2-3 times. This audience plus the users coming in via targeted ad campaigns significantly increased the user engagement and retention. User engagement went up by 250% and the number of leads went up by 29%. The Sales team also got a boost in conversions because the prospects they were handling were much more informed about the services and USPs now.