A fast-growing UI/UX Design agency was looking for SEO experts to optimize their website for discoverability on search engines and to fine tune their organic marketing funnel. They needed a plan that would boost the number of relevant prospects visiting their recently revamped website organically. The existing website was user friendly and vibrant, but the content in it lacked the narrative needed to engage interested people. The structuring also failed to provide adequate lead magnets and relevant case studies. Solution The SEO plan was implemented across 6 months. Usually, it takes 3-8 months depending on various factors. The scope of activities involved were Keyword Research, Competition Analysis, Site Audit, Site Structuring, Tool Set-Up, Content Plan, Content Review, Content Outreach, Directory Submissions, Content Posting, establishing Social Media Profile and Technical SEO. B2B case studies convert at higher rates than any other content type. We focused on storytelling with visual elements which is a great way to accomplish making the case, as well as establishing thought leadership in the visual and design space. The style of content reflected the values of the company, while the copy itself was optimized to take advantage of keywords used by the target segment, and thereby designed to give an edge over the competition. Results The results that the design agency got from the campaign were:
  • 400% increase in traffic — just over 200 visits a week increased to 800 visits a week over an eight-month period
  • 100% increase in sales over a 3-month period
“As online intensive as our sales requirements are, SEO is so critical,” Manoj, one of the Directors, said. “One mistake or one missed opportunity translates into real revenue that we are losing.”