The client is a healthcare company in Kuwait which allows patients to book medical services via their portal/app. They had to face the ‘chicken and egg’ situation of having to onboard medical practitioners on their health app, while also trying to attract end users who would avail services of these medical practitioners through the app. The engagement involved planning, strategizing and executing the  entire marketing function to acquire B2B and B2C customers for the healthcare marketplace. The additional challenge was to execute the content side of it in Arabic, the preferred language of the local populace. Solution Onboarding of medical practitioners was initiated through targeted lead acquisition campaigns on Email & LinkedIn. We increased the awareness and influenced the B2B decision makers through case studies, educational drip campaigns, videos, trade fairs etc. The patients were encouraged to download the app and use it through paid advertising, social media, and SEO. The acquisition of these customers had to be synergistic with the acquisition of clinics and doctors in the platform. We worked very closely with the Sales team on the ground in Kuwait to make sure that we identify and understand the concerns of end users Results Premium hospitals & 100+ doctors have already joined the platform. 10000+ patients registered. 20000+ app downloads.